NATRAJ HOTEL got established in the year 1958 - 1975 which was known as Laxmi Vilas Hotel .Natraj Hotel was built in the year 1970, by Shri Bhuralal Ji Shrimali. His motto was to give best quality,best service at cheaper rate to the customers.He was the man with great devotion ,love and affection for his customers. His way of work was encouraged with the culture and tradition of rajasthan (Mewar) which includes customer satisfaction at any cost. In 1970 Natraj Hotel got established which is situated in the heart of the city at New Bapu bazaar. It has the facility of lodging which includes rooms and two of the floors are accompanied with facilites for dining. Natraj Hotel is a renowned hotel in Udaipur which is famous for its customer centricity and values like customer service and quality.

Another unit of Natraj got established on 1st,June 2006 at city station road named NATRAJ DINING HALL. It includes three floors, a waiting hall space for 50 members. On the first floor there is a dining hall space for about 110 members and on the second floor there is the facility for confrences which has the capacity of 110 members. It also includes other facility like Kitty party hall, birthday hall and waiting room for customers in queue. It also has parking facilities.